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Research at PIT2/CRO2

PIT2 research group is focused on a wide variety of research topics. Some of the research topics tackled by the group are:

  • MALDI Imaging and top-down analysis in situ for chemotherapy improvement of solid tumors
  • High throughput analysis of complex mixtures digested and separeted by chromatography and then analysed by mass spectrometry
  • Tissue and cell culture in situ analysis for identification
  • Top-down analysis by MALDI in source decay (ISD)
  • Thermodynamic approaches to MALDI ISD, in collaboration with Beckman Coulter and Innate Pharma
  • Top-down: ISD combined with MSn and ISD on tissues
  • In situ characterization of tubulin isotypes
  • Brain molecular images at 30 µM
  • Top down sequencing by MALDI ISD
  • MALDI Imaging and ISD of Pancreatic adenocarcinoma
  • Biomarkers colocalisation with therapies. This is part of an industrial collaboration with Pierre Fabre within a COST project
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