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Presentations of the Consortium

Scientific talks/posters in International Conferences

  • IMSC Conference in Kyoto, September 2012 [Program]
  • IMMS2013 Meeting in Palermo, Italy, May 2013 [Website]
  • ASMS Meeting, Minneapolis (MN), May 2013 [Program]
  • IMASS Meeting in Roma, Italy. D. Lafitte as invited speaker, May 2014.
  • ASMS Meeting, Baltimore (MD), June 2014 [Website] [Program]
  • SMAP Meeting, Lyon, France, June 2014 [Website]
  • IMSC Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, August 2014 [Website] [Program]
  • HUPO Meeting, Madrid, Spain, October 2014. [Website]
  • Ourcon II Conference, Antalya, Turkey, Novembre 2014. [Website]
  • ASMS Meeting, St. Louis (MI), June 2015 [Website]
  • ANZMS Conference, Brisbane, Australia, July 2015 [Website]
  • SMAP Conference, Ajaccio, France, September 2015 [Website]
  • Lorne Conference, Australia, February 2016 [Website]
  • CBmed Conference, Graz, Austria, February 2016 [Website]
  • 1st Workshop on Imaging Mass Spectrometry (WIMS 2016), Saint-Malo, France, March 2016 [Website] [Program]
  • ASMS Meeting, San Antonio (TX), June 2016 [Website] [Program]
  • Global Engage’s Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Congress, London (UK), November 2016 [Website] [Speakers]
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