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  • Daniel Lafitte is a member of the Consortium Top-Down Proteomics, together with many well-renowned members of the MALDI community [Website]
  • PIT2/CRO2 is part of CLINIC, a concerted platform for bench-to-bed side action in Cancerology based on State Grand Emprunt. It is integrated in the French Consortium SIRIC. [Website]
  • SMAP French national on proteomics and mass spectrometry (Daniel Lafitte as main organizer) with dedicated session on imaging and IAPP September 15-18 September 2015. 300 international persons. Link no longer available
  • French Workshop TDI (top down imaging in clinics) Marseille. November 2015. 50 people.
  • International workshop on MALDI IMAGING 29-31 March 2016. 100 people.
  • Kratos is involved in the CBmed consortium, an international partnership of research centers, universities and companies focused on the creation of customized solutions for international Biomarker research.
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